Our Courses

Modelling and Grooming Course

Our Professional Modelling Course includes our complete Grooming Course! Two Amazing Courses in One!
Whether you wish to become a model, or are simply seeking to develop your personal image and self-esteem, this is the course for you!



Girl’s Modelling and Grooming Course (7 – 12 years)

This unique course is intended for pre-teen girls and delivers age appropriate lessons in grooming, etiquette and confidence development. Learning to ‘do it the right way’ now… and giving her confidence and know – how for the future! This course also offers young girls the opportunity to experience modelling in a safe, non-competitive and fun environment – a truly beautiful, happy experience.


Posture and Body Language

  • In this lesson your child will receive individual assistance with improving her posture whilst also learning the art of positive body language.
  • Personal Grooming Lessons

  • During these practical grooming workshops your child will learn how to care for her own personal hygiene, hair and nails..
  • Etiquette Training

  • Training in table etiquette, telephone manners, greeting people and shaking hands..
  • Speech and Communication

  • Your child will receive guidance in improving speech and communication skills – learning to express herself with more confidence..
  • Health and Well-Being

  • This workshop includes advice on healthy eating, self-esteem, resilience and self-assurance..
  • Practical Make-up/Beauty Session

  • This age appropriate ‘hands-on’ lesson will assist your child in understanding the importance of skincare as well as the basics of applying a lovely natural make-up..
  • Photographic Workshop

  • Designed to teach your child how to be photographed with confidence. This session includes a photo-shoot with a professional photographer resulting in proofs that are yours to keep (and an ideal start for a portfolio)..
  • TV Commercials and Audition Training

  • What to expect and how to prepare for television commercials and auditions..
  • Runway and Fashion Parade Training

  • How to walk and move like a professional model.
  • Choreographed routines and model turns.
  • Participating in a live runway parade with friends and family as our audience.

    Duration: 5 SUNDAYS
    Hours of attendance: (10.30 am – 5.00 pm)

    COURSE FEES : 25000 (all inclusive)